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Services & Pricing

Image by Tamara Bellis
Image by Tamara Bellis

I am proud to offer many custom service combinations and options. This is just a small sample of what I provide in the salon. These services and prices are listed as starting points and are subject to change. In addition, pricing may vary based on how services are customized for you, hair length, and timing.

Haircut & Style

Experience the ultimate transformation with my Haircut and Style service. Refreshing shampoo, relaxing scalp massage, expertly crafted haircut, and a gorgeous long lasting blowout style. Elevate your confidence and embrace a fresh, polished appearance. Leave feeling renewed, beautiful, and empowered. Visit my salon suite for personalized hair care.

$100   60min

Glaze Alone

Experience my Glaze Alone service, a luxurious treatment for shiny, lustrous hair. Enjoy a glaze, refreshing shampoo, scalp massage, and professional blowout. Enhance your hair's shine and dimension with this transformative treatment. Book now for beautiful, head-turning results.

$80   60min

Haircut (wet-cut)

Enjoy a personalized Wet Cut experience, focusing on flawlessly shaping your hair. Revitalize your locks with a luxurious shampoo. Please note that the Wet Cut service doesn't include a blowout. For a flawless finish, book our ADD-On Haircut and Style service. Prioritize your unique hair needs and embrace your beauty at our tailored salon suite.

$80   45min

Base Color

Experience my exceptional Base Color service, where attention to detail is paramount. Includes root color, gentle shampoo, relaxing scalp massage, and professional blowout style. Expert precision to cover rebel grays. For larger roots or more hair, add the Add-On Extra Color service. Book now for a transformative experience. You deserve the best!

$100+  90min

Shampoo & Blowout Style

Experience the magic of my Shampoo and Blowout Style service! Rejuvenating shampoo, soothing scalp massage. As the sole stylist in my salon suite, I create stunning, long-lasting blowouts. Step into my salon suite and let me work my magic, leaving you refreshed, confident, and with hair that steals the spotlight.

$50   60min

Color & Glaze

Experience the transformative Color and Glaze service, a complete package for vibrant, shiny hair. This includes base color, glaze, shampoo, scalp massage, and a professional blowout. If you have larger roots or extra hair requiring additional color, be sure to include the Add-On Extra Color service. Achieve stunning results that turn heads. Book now and feel confident and beautiful.

$145+  90min

Luxury Treatment

Experience hair luxury with my indulgent treatment package. Refreshing shampoo, scalp massage, and luxurious moisturizing treatment. Nourish your hair from root to tip, leaving it irresistibly soft, smooth, and hydrated. Book now for an unforgettable pampering session and stunning results.

$80   30min

Mini Highlight -               Face Frame

Introducing my Mini Foil - Face Frame service. Highlights specifically designed to frame your face. Includes a partial glaze for added depth. Shampoo and scalp massage included. Add Blowout Add-On for a styled look. Elevate your style with face-framing highlights. Book now for a radiant, refreshed look.

$110+  90min

Brazilian Blowout Treatment 

Transform your hair with our Brazilian Blowout treatment. Say goodbye to frizz and hello to smooth, shiny locks. Our skilled stylists will coat each strand with a special solution, sealing in moisture and reducing puffiness. Experience the magic of effortlessly beautiful and healthy hair. Book now for a life-changing hair transformation.

$250   180min

Partial Highlight & Glaze

Enhance your look with our Partial Highlight and Glaze service. This includes highlights from the crown to the top of the head and a face-framing touch, along with a customized glaze. Enjoy a relaxing shampoo, soothing scalp massage, and a professional blowout for a complete hair transformation. Book now to elevate your style.

$195+  180min

My Signature Highlight & Glaze

Elevate your style to new heights with my Signature Highlight and Glaze service. This all-inclusive package features meticulously placed highlights, a root shadow glaze for a modern and lived-in effect, a luxurious shampoo, a soothing scalp massage, and a flawless blowout to give you a stunning and effortlessly chic look. Don't miss out on this complete transformation experience. Book your appointment now and indulge in the ultimate salon experience.

$290+  180min

Special Add-Ons

Add-On Blow-Out

Add the perfect finishing touch to your hair transformation with our Blowout Add-On service. Our skilled stylists will expertly dry and style your hair, leaving it voluminous, sleek, and ready to turn heads. Pair it with any of our treatments for a complete and polished look. Book your appointment now for a fabulous, salon-worthy blowout.

$45   45min

Add-On Extra Color

Introducing the Extra Color add-on service, designed for larger roots or extra hair. Achieve seamless coverage with tailored precision. Our stylists will assess your hair and expertly apply additional color for a cohesive, flawless result. Enhance your Base Color experience and book your appointment today for stunning, rejuvenated hair. You deserve the best!

$20+  15min

Add - On Hair-cut 

Introducing my exclusive Haircut Add-On service! Complement your color transformation with a seamless haircut. Expertly blend coloring and cutting for a cohesive look. Customize your haircut to enhance your style and leave with vibrant, rejuvenated hair. Elevate your hair journey and book the Haircut Add-On service today!

$80   45min

Add on - Base Color

Enhance your highlight service with the Root Coverage Add-On, designed to complement and complete your look. This additional service includes root color treatment, a rejuvenating shampoo, and a luxurious scalp massage. It's the perfect way to ensure a seamless and cohesive style from root to tip. Book now to experience the ultimate transformation and enjoy the added benefits of the Root Coverage Add-On.

$80+  30min

Conditioner Treatment

Revitalize your hair with my nourishing Conditioner Treatment. I'll select the perfect conditioner for your needs, providing deep nourishment and repair. Relax with a soothing scalp massage, followed by a professional shampoo. Book now for a personalized and indulgent hair experience in my serene salon suite. Your hair will thank you!

$25   20min

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