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What To Do When The Season Changes And Your Hair Feels Dry?...

Depending where you live, we all experience changes in our hair when a new season arrives. thats why knowing what to do is super important to keep your hair beautiful, moisturized, with amazing shine and movement.

Now, no all treatments are good for all hair types, you have to know what your hair is asking you for. If your hair is dry like most of us after a summer full of fun activities outdoors, a moisturizing treatment is going to do wonders, but keep in mind your hair, just like your body gets use to certain product or medicine after you've been using it for a while, that's when you have to up the dose or make a change. In our case with hair, we have to ether change products to something new or with more intensity like an In-Salon Treatment, for great results you must alternate with different treatments, your hair will always have a great reaction to a new product.

Our hair is never going to remain the same, as the seasons change, as we age and as we do fun color or chemical processes so we need to pay attention to what our hair needs!... your hair is part of self care and will will fell more confidant and proud to be doing something for YOU! Remember hair care just as self care is a constant process of repetition and consistency.

If you have been using a particular product that you believe to be amazing but your hair is still dry.... well, it's not working there for I recommended always changing and experimenting with new stuff. The Hair Industry changes so fast, there is always something new and improved to try.

Long Hair Lovers Alterante Protein And Moisturizing Treatments!... The protein will help it make it strong so it doesn't break, while a moisturizing treatment will give it natural movement.

Another way to help your hair is by the foods we eat. more and more people are becoming aware of the health of the hair. Some people feel like if they can't eat the products that go on their hair they don't need it, but reality is the hair products that are being created today are more healthy and safe than back in the day.

We need to care for our hair externally and internally, thats why the Foods I recommend to help your hair stay healthy are avocados, olives, eggs, honey, extra virgin olive oil. don't be afraid of these fats. Me personally have lost some weight eating these fats and I was able to keep my hair. As someone that has gained and lost weight several times, I know there can be hair loss or change of hair texture when we diet, so is important to keep eating these foods on regular basis.

Enjoy Fall weather, get cozy, eat pumpkin everything, go get a Hair Treatment and enjoy your healthy hair...



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